Angelus Sep 1984

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Articles: Saint Michael - First Champion of the Kingship of Christ

  • Mary Gentges, News from Saint Marys: Summer Camps, Visitors from France, Summer Retreats
  • Poems
    • John Henry Cardinal Newman, The Sign of the Cross
    • Anonymous, The Sacred Trinity
    • Francis X. Connolly, For Having Thee
  • Fr. Basil Wrighton, On Collegiality, Part 2
  • Francis Gallagher, Bicentenary of St. Mary's in Belfast: How not to celebrate the bicentenary of a Catholic Church (Belfast's First Catholic Church, The Original St. Mary's. Built 1783)
  • Don Bosco's Madonna, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, September 8th
  • News Brief
    • Parishioners Vote to Remove Church's Communion Rail
    • Priests' Convention Urges Ordination of Married Men
    • Vatican Criticizes Office-Holding Nicaraguan Priests
    • Lefebvre's Successor Says Peace With Rome Is Near
    • Canadian Catholics and Protestants Seek Papal Approval
    • Liberation Theologian to be Interrogated by Vatican Holy Office (Fr. Leonardo Boff)
  • Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade, Every Moment Crammed With Infinite Riches
  • Msgr. Tokarczuk, Unedited Letter to Archbishop Lefebvre from Msgr. Tokarczuk, the Bishop of Przemsyl on October 10, 1976, expressing his support for the Archbishop
  • Interview with Fr. François Laisney
  • Novena to St. Michael and Our Lady for the Defeat of Satan
  • Michael Davies, The Legal Status of the Tridentine Mass

Question and Answer

  • What was the Filioque clause, it's history and origin, and why do Protestants not seem to use it?
  • Is Mary venerated by Muslims?