Angelus - September 1986

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  • Dr. Mary Buckalew, On Peace and Security
  • Cardinal Manning, St. Vincent De Paul
  • Reprint from Religious News Service, For Protestants, A Catholic Apology for Becoming Unpredictable
  • News Brief
    • Vatican Strips Rev. Charles Curran of Status as Catholic Theologian
    • U.S. Bishops, in following Rome, Abandon Own Guidelines on Dissent
    • Catholic Groups Voice Support of Vatican Action Against Scholars
    • Jesuit Resigns From Order Rather Than Abandon His Survey of Bishops
    • Most American Catholics Uphold the Right to Disagree with the Pope
  • The SSPX Third Order
  • Fr. François Laisney, Humanist Philosophies Vs. Catholic Doctrine
  • Emanuel Valenza, Book Review: Chastity: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults, by Gerald Kelly, S.J.
  • Michael Davies, The Contemporary Catholic Crisis in Its Historical Perspective, Part 1
  • Don Bosco, Madonna: Our Lady of Sorrows

Question and Answer

  • Does the Pope's condemnation of Galileo prove the Pope is not infallible?
  • I think your remarks about St. Pius X often encouraged participation in the Mass by the laity, although strictly speaking, correct, are incomplete, and therefore misleading.