Angelus Sep 1987

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  • Don Bosco, Madonna: The Simplicity of Great Men
  • Fr. Williamson, Our Lady of Quito
  • Pastoral Letter Concerning the Position of Archbishop Lefebvre and His Followers in New Zealand -- Followed by the Response letter of Fr. Stephen Abdoo defending the SSPX with hard-hitting logic
  • St. Alphonsus Liguori, Meditation on three of the seven sorrows of Our Lady
    • St. Simeon's Prophecy
    • The Meeting of Mary with Jesus, when He was going to Death
    • Burial of Jesus
  • News Brief
    • Church Having Limited Impact on Lives of Canadians
    • Hungarian Government Issues Guidelines to Religious Writers
    • Indian Bishop Arrested
    • Serra, Short of Sainthood, Joins Comic Book Heroes
    • Atheists Sue Over City Seals
  • Poem: Mater Dolorosa, by John Fitzpatrick
  • Reprint from Los Angeles Times, Are American Catholics in Schism?
  • Joyfulness of the Heart is the Life of a Man
  • Emanuel Valenza, Alcoholism: The Ruin of Many
  • Dr. Mary Buckalew, Catholic Principles, Freemasonry, and the Republic
  • A Providential Story of Lives Saved from Death by the Angelus Bells!
  • Children of Mary, Correspondence Catechism
  • Fr. Stephen Abdoo, Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand
  • Pope St. Pius X

Question and Answer

  • If the lesson of the prodigal son is that God values the repentant sinner no less than He does one who has tried to live meritoriously, then why make the effort? 
  • Why does the priest at Mass break off a small particle of the Host and drop it into the Precious Blood?