Angelus - September 1992

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  • The Archbishop Speaks, Sermon by Archbishop Lefebvre on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, September 14, 1975, at Ecône.
  • Conference by the Dominican Teaching Sisters, Parent's Meeting
  • Felix Gros, A Suspicious Suppression - Liberalism
  • Death to Senior Citizens, Reprinted from the Catholic Lay Press
  • A Mother's View: How to Combat Sloth
  • John R. Phillip, The Saintly Counsels of Padre Pio
  • Louis Veuillot, The Liberal Illusion
  • Fr. Peter Scott, Vaccination Myth or Miracle
  • Fr. Peter Scott, The Modern Ecclesiology
  • The Sentinal of Switzerland: Nikolause von der Flue
  • Ambrose Observes
  • Hear the one about the Potato and the Syllabus? Teaching in the '60's compared to Teaching today
  • From the Catholic Miscellany 1889, On Death
  • From the Catholic Miscellany 1889, On the Last Judgement
  • Cum Grano Salis: News and Updates
  • Question and Answer
    • You claim that the State has the right to prohibit interracial marriages for the common good?
    • Did Jesus only carry the Cross bar and not the entire Cross?
    • Which rubrics for offering Mass does the SSPX use?