Angelus Sep 1999

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Articles: Archbishop Lefebvre In Memoriam, R.I.P., Part 2

  • Fr. Michel Simoulin, Archbishop Lefebvre In Memoriam - An Account of His Last Days
  • Fr. Alain Delagneau, Catholic Education, Part 8
  • Robert Wyer, Magister Johannes - R.I.P. Dr. John Senior
  • Dr. Peter Chojnowski, A Sense of Honor: Justice and Our Moral Debt
  • Correspondence between the Bishop of Santa Fe, NM, and Fr. Peter Scott, Bishop Calls Chapel "Not Catholic"
  • Dr. Justin Walsh, Roman Catholicism and American Utopianism, Part 2: The Divergent Paths of Orestes A. Brownson and Isaac T. Hecker

Question and Answer

  • Why is there so little unity among traditional groups?
  • As a Catholic nurse, do I have the right to administer birth control (Depo-Provera) injections?


  • The 1988 Episcopal Consecrations, Part 2: Theological Study