Angelus September October 2022 Land and Hearth

Angelus Press


THEME: Back to Land and Hearth
  • Caged and Comfortable, by Fr. Jonah Stephen Garno, SSPX
  • Returning to Your Own Backyard, by Robert Wyer
  • Farming It Ourselves, by Jackie and Clay Smith
  • Will Rascals Defend Our Civilization… ?, by William Edmund Fahey
  • Get Out: An Anti-Urban Manifesto, by Michael Warren Davis
  • Wendell Berry: Farming as “Practicing Resurrection”, by Jonathan Wanner
  • 3Contemplative Realism: 
  • Catholic Literature for the Twenty-First Century, by Katy Carl
  • The King’s Fool to His Lady, by Patrick Murtha
  • Strangeness of the Good: A Review of the Book by J. M. Wilson, Reviewed by William Gonch, Ph.D.
  • FROM THE ARCHBISHOP  The Three Ways of Praying, by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
  • We’ve Got Each Other’s Backs, by Bridget Bryan
  • Desiderio Desideravi, by Fr. Peter Scott, SSPX
  • Culture and Christianity, by Pauper Peregrinus
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS, by Fr. Juan Carlos Iscara, SSPX
THE LAST WORD, by Fr. David Sherry, SSPX