The Cristeros And The Martyrs Of The Mexican Revolution

Lepanto Lectures - Chris Check

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Prepare yourself for one of the greatest Catholic war stories of all time.

The average American's understanding of Mexican history is incomplete. American Catholics, however, should know Mexican history, because unlike our own history, much of Mexican history is Catholic history. In the early part of the 20th Century, Masonic, Marxist revolutionaries, who were nothing less than the enemies of Jesus Christ, seized control of the government of Mexico and attempted to destroy the Church. They very nearly succeeded. In the midst of the terror, courageous priests clandestinely made their way through the countryside dispensing the sacraments and ministering to the Mexican faithful. Many received the crown of martyrdom; the most famous is Blessed Miguel Pro. As these holy priests fulfilled the duties of their divine vocations, an army of laymen rose up and challenged the godless government. They were the Cristeros. Their battle cry was Viva Cristo Rey! Their tale is one of the great Catholic war stories of all time.

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The author, Christopher Check graduated from Rice University with a degree in Literature before serving for seven years as a Marine Corps officer in expeditions in the Far East and the Persian Gulf.