The War Of The Vendee - Audio

Lepanto Lectures - Chris Check

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FOR GOD AND KING: The Catholic Uprising in the Vendee

The Revolution in France is the defining event of modern times. It is when the impossible dreams of the Enlightenment became the horrifying nightmare of the Terror. The Revolution was a deliberate war against tradition, against the crown, against marriage and the family, and most of all, against Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.

In the west of France, however, the fiercely devout Catholic peasants, nobles, and priests of the Vendee refused to obey the edicts of the Revolution. Instead they formed a courageous army of farmers and craftsmen. Armed at first with little more than clubs, pitchforks, and hunting rifles, they rose up in defense of the Cross and Crown and faced down the Revolutionary Army of France. Led by their nobles, telling their rosaries on the march, and wearing Sacred Heart badges on their chests, the heroic men of the Catholic Army of the Vendee drove the Revolutionary Army of France from their soil and, as Napoleon would later admit, might well have marched on Paris to restore the Church and the Monarchy.

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The author, Christopher Check graduated from Rice University with a degree in Literature before serving for seven years as a Marine Corps officer in expeditions in the Far East and the Persian Gulf.