Boy Knight Of Reims

Eloise Lownsbery

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An historical novel set at the time of St. Joan of Arc, first published in 1927.

Jean D'Orbais was born under the shadow of Reims Cathedral. From his earliest childhood he sees its beauty through the efforts of the master craftsmen who are at work on it. When he is ten years old, he is apprenticed to a goldsmith, and begins his education in the arts. The story of his career, his escapades, his ambitions, and his final success is enthralling.

But it is not Jean alone who interests us. Through his eyes we see the bustling town of Reims in the 14th century with its crafts and guilds, its merchants and beggars, its nobles and its soldiers.

332 pp. Hardcover. Illustrated.

Customer Reviews

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Best Medieval Children's book

The Boy Knight of Reims is hands down, the BEST children's book I have ever read! My children (ages 8-13) repeatedly ask me to read it aloud to them.

Excellent Family Read-Aloud

My husband and I loved the sweeping atmosphere and the kids loved the story! Mostly it is slow and gentle, with some thrills along the way. Great morals! Not a biography of St. Joan of Arc, more about cathedrals and the importance of beauty in one's life.

This book is a treasure!!

Our family has been reading a chapter almost daily, and it is rich with old French Catholic tradition. One sees a well-developed conscience in the mind of young Jean as he navigates his life in an atelier (shop) that he had not anticipated. Challenges arise, and he reaches towards God in each circumstance. We are only to the middle of the book but have found each chapter enriching, especially since the main character is a boy. Lownsbery is a master herself at describing certain trades of the time, and our boys have been enthralled. This thought-provoking, lovely work would make a great gift of any kind - birthday, baptismal anniversary, or Christmas.