Catholic, Apostolic And Roman

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The priests of The Mouth of the Lion defend Catholic Tradition.

"Schismatics," "excommunicated," "rebels," "disobedient," "Lefebvrists," "Fundamentalists." With these epithets it is attempted to manipulate the collective imagination so as to create a void around those Catholics faithful to the Tradition of the Catholic Church. Only through the mercy of God have we received the grace to number amongst them, we priests of the diocese of Campos who make up the Priestly Fraternity of Saint John the Baptist-Mary Vianney.

In examining, by contrast, with serenity and with no ulterior motive, our position in the current crisis of the Church, it will be recognized that we are simply Roman Catholics in the Apostolic tradition. We make up no sect, nor a "traditionalist" party. We have no doctrine of our own, nor any peculiar liturgy, nor any parallel hierarchy. Our doctrine, our liturgy, our hierarchy are those of Holy Church, Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman.

A great companion to The Mouth of the Lion, the story of Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer and the last Catholic diocese - Campos, in Brazil. This is the story of the epic battle against Fideicide in a humble corner of South America.

60 pp. Softcover.