Catholic Liturgy: Its Fundamental Principles

Dom Gaspar Lefebvre, OSB

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Enlarged Reprint of 1954 Edition


Dom Gaspar Lefebvre, O.S.B. (1880-1966) is perhaps the preeminent representative of the authentic Liturgical Movement. While better known for his  internationally popular St. Andrew Missal, this book—originally entitled Liturgia—is his masterpiece.



The significance of this 1954 work, is explained in his Preface:
Let anyone desiring to be fully convinced [that a return to the liturgy as “a most efficacious means of ‘restoring all things in Christ’”] the pages of Liturgia.


They have been written to explain the principles—too often unknown or misunderstood—which must guide the liturgical apostolate. In them we have endeavoured to show in how many ways the liturgy is the “primary and indispensable source of the true Christian spirit.”


Here are the contents of this magnificent work:

  • Biography of the Author
  • Introduction by Fr. Thomas Kocik
  • Foreword by Reprinter
  • Letter of Mgr. Van Caloen
  • Preface (of Author)
  • The Church Adores God by Her Liturgy
  • The Blessed Trinity
  • To the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Ghost
  • Through the Church to God
  • The Diocesan and Parochial Spirit
  • The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
  • Holy Communion
  • The Sacraments
  • The Sacramentals
  • The Divine Office
  • Christ in the Liturgy
  • Mary in the Liturgy
  • Angels in the Liturgy
  • Saints in the Liturgy
  • Mental Prayer and the Liturgy
  • Liturgical Catechism
  • Sacred Music and the Latin Language
  • Liturgy and Sociology
  • The Missal
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices

       I. Liturgy and Catholic Action
       II. Sermon Topics for Sundays
       III. Select Biographies of Cited Authors
       IV. Select Bibliography of Cited Works


Completely re-typeset and reformated for easier reading, each chapter features the lithograph headers and footers drawn by the famed Belgian illustrator, Rene De Cramer, that were included in the original 1924 English edition.


This enlarged reprint edition also includes several unique additions, such as:

  • Biography and photograph of Dom Gaspar Lefebvre
  • Introduction by Fr. Thomas Kocik
  • Reprinter's Foreword
  • Photographs of certain individuals mentioned in the book
  • 2 Appendices (Select Biographies of Cited Authors and Select Bibliography of Cited Works)


The front cover is also noteworthy, as it was adapted from an original slip jacket designed by De Cramer for the early French editions.


Softcover. 276 pages.