Catholic Trivia Game

Angelus Press

SKU: 8627  |  ISBN: 9781937843311

We hope every Catholic family will purchase and spend quality time playing this game together. It makes catechism lessons, lives of the saints, and Church history fun! Educational and entertaining for the whole family. Contains two decks each containing 250 cards; 1,500 questions in total. Six categories: the Baltimore Catechism (C), the Latin Mass (M), and History and the Liturgical Calendar (H). The other contains Popes, Patron Saints and Other Pious People (P); Ritual, Symbol, and Doctrine (R); and Et Cetera (E). 500 Cards. STK# 8627

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Hughes
Evangelizing the parish

Used these cards at parish Christmas parties. It went over so well that the priests have ask us to make it a regular scheduled family night activity!

Dr F.J. Metch

A tool that makes learning the Faith fun and educational, This can be used anytime mostly at the dinner table or when on long car rides Thank you Angelus!!!!!

I bought this two weeks ago and love it!

The rules of play are not exactly the same as the "Trivial Pursuit", but it is entertaining and educational at the same time. It will test and grow your knowledge of the Faith.

mom of many
We got this for Christmas and immediately the lid came off and the questions started flying.

This was even before all the presents were unwrapped. They continued throughout the day to pepper each other with questions and it became quite a competition. The age range in our group was older and wiser adults, just plain adults, teenagers and kids of assorted ages. The questions in the game cover many different categories and range in difficulty from extremely easy to wow I'm clueless. So there were questions that first build up your confidence and make you think this is piece of cake and then you get one that makes you crash and burn. Highly entertaining and with over a thousand questions it should keep us occupied for a while. And, dare I say it, they might learn something without even realizing it.