Children's Hour

Rev. Karl Dorner

SKU: 8808  |  ISBN: 9781685290009

This treasured collection of sermons, talks, and lessons for children is an essential tool for the formation of your child’s Catholic character.

Teach your children to:
• Love God and their Catholic Faith
• Respect their elders, priests, and teachers
• Strive for virtue, Love God
• Build Catholic friendships
• Be holy even when it’s difficult
• And much more ...

An uncompromised education is no longer available to the vast majority of Catholics. If your children are to become Catholic adults, who will keep the Faith and pass it to the next generation, they need to be unshakeably grounded in the truths of the Faith. This book provides the guidance most children would have received in a Catholic elementary school and can be read to children or used to supplement their Catholic formation at home.


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