Christian Warfare - Deluxe Edition

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A Deluxe Prayerbook. Larger size; larger print for people with not so good vision; ribbons; more prayers than pocket edition plus: Epistles and Gospels for every Sunday of the year & some feast days.

Index of prayers and readings

 “Every Catholic over 15 years of age should have and use this book.” - A confessor

NEW: More prayers than the out-of-print, sold-out edition. Many improvements, but same pagination as the original edition which was a best seller among Traditional Catholic books.

8 1/2 in x 5 3/4 in.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Thieme
Excellent Book for Increasing Our Union with God!

Christian Warfare is a must have for Catholics holding to tradition. It contains extensive prayers, spiritual exercises, hymns and chants, epistles and gospels, and many more articles that helps to deepen one's faith, and to encourage one to ever pursue that treasure we know exists in that field. The pocket edition is handy for toting around or traveling, but the deluxe edition has more prayers, larger print, and two ribbons for place setting.

I highly recommend this book to be used with others, such as Holy Scriptures, My Imitation of Christ, On Union with God, any Catechism books, and other writings by the early church fathers and saints, as a means to deepen your faith. I particularly enjoy the Professions of Faith section that includes the Renewal of Baptism Vows, Prayer for Receiving the Insignia, The Athanasian Creed, Profession of the Catholic Faith (Of the Council of Trent and of Vatican I), The Oath Against Modernism (St. Pius X - 1910), and the Declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre (21 NOV 1974). Reciting these professions help me to become a more loyal Catholic and assists me to better wear the Armor of Christ as a Church Militant.

May God Bless You and Speed You on Your Spiritual Journey!

Colleen Poole
The best

This ios the best prayer book I have ever had. LOVE IT


It’s a decent book, a bit bigger than expected. Also not sure how much extra is included from the original “pocket edition”. Sadly, the examination has been altered as well and no longer mentions assisting at the new mass… very sad.


One of the best books on Christian Warfare there is. I’ll keep this a lifetime..

This book is wonderful.

Many beautiful old prayers and devotions. Use over and over again. Great for families. Highly recommend!