College Apologetics

Fr. Anthony Alexander

SKU: 8450  |  ISBN: 9780895554451

College Apologetics: Proof of the Truth of the Catholic Faith

The classic apologetics at the adult level. It is precisely reasoned, and carries the reader through a series of logic gates that begin with the proof of the existence of God and follow logically through the proof of the existence of the human soul, the necessity of religion, the reliability of the Gospels, the claims of Christ and the proofs thereof, the reason for His coming, the nature of His Church, its four classic identifying marks, and, finally, its infallibility as the religious Teacher of mankind.

Not only is the book's logic ironclad, it also unveils the great historical evidence for the veracity of the Church from extant writings of some of the greatest historical figures of the first centuries after Christ.

The identity of the True Church of Jesus Christ will not be a mystery after reading this book!

248 pp. Softcover.