Commando Angel

Angelus Press

SKU: BD0366  |  ISBN: 9781838348564

Separated from his parents and relatives while fleeing the German invasion of Belgium, young Bernard is picked up by a British commando unit led by Lieutenant Frank Goodheart. Lieutenant Goodheart promises to help the young boy find his family, but events take a sudden turn and the unit is forced to return to England. Bernard goes with them.

The little “daredevil” wins the hearts of the unit’s rough men and joins them in palpitating adventures – parachute jumps, perilous expeditions and much more!

But despite the passing time and his adventures, Bernard has not forgotten his parents. Are they still alive? Will he ever see them again? He knows that Frank is a man of his word, but will the Lieutenant be able to work a miracle?

Age 12 and up.  Paperback  198 pages