Commentary On The Gospel Of St. Matthew

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SKU: 8547  |  ISBN: 9780615440408

In the mid-thirteenth century, St. Thomas Aquinas gave a series of lectures, commenting on the Gospel of St. Matthew. However, when this commentary became published, it was considered "incomplete" and "defective". This centuries-old mystery was finally resolved in 1955 with the discovery that fraudulent, sixteenth century substitutions had tainted two chapters. A manuscript, containing the actual writings of Aquinas, was discovered a year later in Basel, Switzerland. Now, for the first time since its rediscovery, this newly translated English edition restores the true text, giving one of the most complete and authentic reading of this major work by the Angelic Doctor to date. Particularly useful as an aid for preaching sermons, this masterly commentary contains many detailed explanations and numerous cross-references to Scripture, Church Fathers, as well as other works of St. Thomas, which are continuously interwoven throughout this simple but profoundly enlightening text.

1002 pp. Hardcover.

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