Cross And Crown

Fr. Robert Maeder

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Lenten Meditations

Three excellent, easy to read, sets of meditations by the famous preaching priest and Catholic newspaper editor, Fr. Robert Mader. His delivery of the total faith was so much in the apostolic spirit of primitive Christianity that he was called "the Thunder of the Holy Ghost".


  • Thoughts for Lent:
    • You Must Think!
    • You Must Pray!
    • You Must Fast!
    • You Must Give Alms!
    • You Must Do Penance!
    • Back to the Poor, Humble, Crucified Jesus Christ
  • Christ's Sufferings:
    • At the Gateway of Lent
    • The World's Guilt and It's Atonement
    • Christ in a Sweat of Blood
    • Christ at the Pillar
    • Christ Crowned with Thorns
    • The Way of the Cross
    • The Triumph of the Crucified
  • Christ the King
    • The King of the Centuries
    • The King's Manifesto
    • The King's Opponents
    • The King in the Dock
    • No Room for the King
    • The King Without a Crown
    • The King in the Crib
    • The King's Rights
    • The King of the Church
    • The King's Bride
    • The House of the King
    • The King Lives!

166 pp. Softcover.

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This is an amazing book. I had to verify when it was written. It was as if he wrote it today (2023). We must reclaim Christ as King of everything. We must live it as well. Every section is better than the last. Every section is full of treasures!