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Over Twenty-One Lectures in Five Categories - Over 19 hours!

"Our task is to form the children entrusted to us. The goal is strong children; strong in the soul, strong in mind, strong in heart—Christ-like. Children who are upright, faithful, sure-in-judgement, responsible-in-duty, and great in heart." 

—Fr. Beck in "The Art of Parenting"

These talks are a practical and powerful guide for parents everywhere and are sure to be both enjoyed and appreciated as a valuable resource. 

Conference 1: Parental Affection and Authority

  • Raising a Catholic Family: Where do we start?
  • Benevolent Authority: A Contradiction in Terms
  • Benevolent Authority: In Practice Part 1
  • Benevolent Authority: In Practice Part 2
  • Education and Respect

Conference 2: Education by Stages

  • Infancy
  • The First Crucial Years
  • The Young Child
  • The Growing Child
  • Self-Mastery and the Growing Child

Conference 3: Raising the Mothers and Fathers of Tomorrow

  • Generosity and Joy
  • Generosity and Joy Q&A
  • Strength and Fidelity

Conference 4: Adolescence

  • Understanding the Adolescent
  • The Boy on the Edge of Manhood
  • The Boy on the Edge of Manhood Q&A
  • The Girl on the Verge of Womanhood
  • Teens and Romance
  • Teens and Romance Q&A

Conference 5: Atmosphere in the Home

  • Nurturing the Child in a Climate of Hope
  • Nurturing the Child in a Climate of Peace
  • Nurturing the Child in a Climate of Joy

Fr. Gerard Beck was ordained to the priesthood in 1996. In addition to serving as a prior in schools and parishes throughout the nation, Father was appointed as First Assistant to the District Superior and is now superintendent of all SSPX's schools in the United States. 

These conferences were given by Fr. Beck in St. Mary's, Kansas as part of the ongoing McCabe Lecture Series. 

These digital downloads come as compressed files (.zip), as each conference contains multiple tracks. In order to install them on a given device, the files will need to be decompressed.

We strongly recommend downloading the files first to a personal computer for this process. Once decompressed the files can be added to the device of your choosing. 

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Absolutely Amazing

I've known Fr. Beck for over a decade and he was instrumental in my conversion to traditional Catholicism when I was a teenager, but now I am married with 4 young children and these conferences are invaluable. They have so much depth and practical ways to raise children in a way that will set them up for success in the Faith. I wish I had listened to these before I started having children so that I could have implemented it from the very beginning. Absolutely amazing!