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What does it gain a man to have his whole life perfectly organized but to lose his soul?

Officium Divinum

It's so easy to lose sight of God in our busy world. But the Church gave us the answer from the very beginning when she structured her official prayer around a framework of the psalms prayed eight times a day so that within one week, all 150 psalms are said.

Prayers for all hours

Here you have the most critical hours of the Divine Office for the layman in the world. Prime is the perfect Morning Prayer, Compline the perfect night prayer, and Sext is for the middle of the day.

Join your voice with the Church and her members

This is better than private prayer; it's the prayer of the entire Mystical Body because you pray with one heart with the millions of other clerics, religious and laymen around the world who have prayed and are praying these exact same prayers, AND because you adopt the intentions of the psalmist as you pray.

A Better Participation on the Liturgy

When understood correctly (this edition has a short explanation preceding each psalm), these are the intentions for which Holy Mother Church wants us to pray for ourselves, for the Church and for all the members of the Mystical Body of Christ.

Our Lord, our Lady, and the Saints prayed these psalms.


-An 11-page Introduction explaining the Divine Office and how to pray it, including guidelines on how to interpret the psalms in a Catholic manner
-Table of Contents
-The prayers to be said before and after reciting the Divine Office
-Melodies in Gregorian notation for those who chant the office in common.
-In timeless Latin with parallel English translations.
-Beautiful edition with sewn binding
-Leatherette cover
-Rounded edges
-Black text with rubrics in red
-Two ribbons

Includes everything for the Hours of Sunday Lauds, Prime, Sext, Vespers, and Compline; Prime, Sext, and Compline for each other day of the week.

Individually shrink-wrapped. Latin pronunciation guide bookmarker included.

221pp, leatherette sewn hardcover, 2 ribbons.

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