Ecclesiastical Ministry

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What do we care if this book originally appeared in 1863? People are still people; priests are still priests. The principles concerning both are timeless. Here's a book praised by Archbishop Lefebvre who during his life often referred to its author as an extraordinary example of the Catholic priesthood in practice.

Fr. Emmanuel's work on the priestly ministry has long captivated the attention of Catholic priests resolved to understand the profoundly supernatural nature of their priesthood, determined to see it as a continuation of the great mystery of the Incarnation, overwhelmed by the sense of what it is to be an instrument of Holy Mother Church. Father's clear understanding of the danger of naturalism, and the supernaturally empty and "lifeless" ministry which is its consequence, and his analysis of the evils of liberalism, were a century ahead of his time.

This great little manual will help priests to live their priesthood united to the Sovereign High Priest Whom they represent. How the priest's "death to the world" is not a passing act, but a continuing holocaust. As long as there are priests, the Blood which baptizes the world will not cease to flow and the Living Source of charity will be in good hands... better hands if this book were followed. Intended for priests, but excellent for lay people as well who will benefit by knowing the true purpose of those with whom they are called to cooperate in the apostolate.

44 pp. Softcover.