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Published for the first time in English, Educating a Child: The Art of Arts by Father Joseph Duhr S.J. is a must-read for all parents and educators who want to understand the essential role they must play as God’s co-operators in the education of children.

In this second volume (of two), Father Duhr successively examines each stage of the child’s education from before birth to the point when he or she is finally ready to leave the family home. The author distinguishes four main stages in this educational journey: the awakening of the senses (1-4 years), the awakening of the mind (4-7 years), the awakening of the will (7-12 years) and the awakening of the heart (12-18 years). He insists that “the best way of preparing the child for his or her life as the man or woman of tomorrow is to allow him or her to live out as perfectly as possible these distinct lives which correspond to the different stages of their development”.