Enc: Divini Illius Magistri

Pope Pius XI

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Encyclical on Christian Education. Principles to be followed by the Church, State, and Family regarding education. Based on nature and revealed truth.

The inviolable principles which this document lays down regarding the Church, family and State in the matter of education, are based on the very nature of things and on revealed truth. They cannot be shaken by the ebb and flow of events. As for the fundamental rules which it prescribes, these too are not subject to the wear and tear of time, since they are only the faithful echo of the Divine Master, Whose "words shall not pass away."

The encyclical is a real Magna Carta of Christian education, "outside which no education is complete and perfect." It lends itself to study, today as it did in the past, by all those who in a spirit of loyalty, desire to know, in this matter, the genuine and firm thought of the Church, "to whom belongs, in a very special manner, the mission of education." In times of difficulty, it provides, with its clarity of doctrine, a certain guide for the courageous efforts of Catholic parents and teachers who are desirous of assuring youth of a formation fully in conformity with the requirements of the faith.