Father Brennan's Favorite Stories

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“An effective method of instructing a child is to present the eternal truths in a story that appeals, that contains the truth. This is what Fr. Brennan has done so masterfully and so well.” -Most Reverend Walter Foley, Bishop of Syracuse 1937-1970

Fr. Brennan’s Favorite Stories are a treasured collection of tales for children that emphasize virtue and developing a strong Catholic character. Fr. Brennan was ordained in 1923 and became famous for his sermons for children. Known for modeling his homilies on Christ’s parables, Fr. Brennan tells a story and then draws a moral from it. Full of simplicity and a sense of wonder, Fr. Brennan’s words continue to bring the Faith alive for today’s young readers. 
He is also the author of the wildly popular “Angel Food For Boys and Girls” series.

These beloved stories are fun to read and have been enjoyed by Catholic children for generations. 
They are sure to entertain and inspire your young readers for many years to come. Ages 8+ 

168 pgs. 

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