For Altar and Throne

The Remnant, Inc.

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“We have only one honour in the world,
It is the honour of Our Lord,
We have only one glory in the world,
It is the glory of Our Lord.” –  A Vendean Hymn

In a little known passage of history, a whole people form a Northeastern corner of France rose up in arms to protest with their very lives the insults with which Parisian revolutionaries had defaced an old and beloved crown, an old and beloved Church. For God and the King – This vis the grand cause for which the men and women, nobles and peasants alike, of the Vendee fought their four year war, facing overwhelming odds with courage and daring. To be sure, their astonishing early victories gave way to horrific massacres and martyrdoms at the hands of the Revolutionaries, but nonetheless they may be considered as conquereors. Their brace and high-hearted sacrifice for the ancient, true Faith laid the grounds for a renewal in the Catholic Church in France, and also to modern men gave a magnificent example of charity.

In For Altar and Throne, Michael Davies presents a concise yet vivid portrait of this glorious period of French and Catholic history.


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