For the Love of the Church

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As defined by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the Society of Saint Pius X’s mission is not based on a spirit of rebellion or controversy, but upon a love for the Catholic Church.

There have been many who attempted to change the Catholic Church from a divine institution founded by Christ to a human institution of the world.  
When such changes began to take place within the Church before, during, and after the Second Vatican Council, Archbishop Lefebvre took a stand and founded the Society for the express purpose of preserving the Catholic priesthood. This heroic prelate consecrated bishops in 1988 to carry on this all-important mission, the fruits of which include the preservation of the traditional Latin Mass and the sacred Tradition of Holy Mother Church.
Bishop Bernard Fellay is one of those episcopally consecrated by the Archbishop. After the death of Archbishop Lefevbre, Bishop Fellay went on to serve as the Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X from 1994 to 2018. Among his many acts as Superior General, he worked for the canonical regularization of the Society of Saint Pius X and currently serves as General Counselor of the Society alongside its current Superior General, Fr. Davide Pagliarani.
This book-length interview is the summation of Bishop Bernard Fellay’s understanding and advice on a myriad of topics that affect Catholics and the Church today. The subjects covered include the ongoing crisis in the Church, marriage, abortion, human suffering, missionary work, relations between the Society and Rome, and the priestly way of life in contemporary society.  
Gain a profoundly Catholic perspective on the modern world from a bishop who labors to uphold the supreme law of the Catholic Church: the Salvation of souls.

A student of Charles Cardinal Journet, Robert Landers lives in Switzerland and is interested in the Catholic Church and its role in the world today.

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Murray Rundus
The perfect book for someone new to tradition or for anyone who wants to rediscover their own pri...

There are plenty of books out there that state the traditionalist position more clearly and more in-depth. But this book does something different in that it provides a strong sense of balance and stability. Something that often happens to people who come into tradition is that they face the infamous "New trad syndrome". They realize that they have been misled on so many things and so end up resisting and doubting everything which often leads to adopting baseless positions based on emotion, rather than on reason. His Excellency here provides great answers on why the SSPX exists which, if grasped, prevents this. He then branches this out and gives so many insights as to the spiritual nature of the Society and it's mission, along with very practical questions. The book is interesting in that it really is like having an in-depth conversation with the Bishop. The interviewer does a great job of asking broad but specific questions that allows Bishop Fellay to give great insights yet answer the question directly.

The reason that I think this book is great to give to those new to tradition is that it is a window into what the SSPX is really like. It's starts at a fundamental level, but doesn't get bogged down, it allows the reader to see the spiritual and practical nature of the SSPX which I think many people who are hostile to the SSPX never really see.

I love this book and I wish Bishop Fellay would write more, I read the book in one or two sittings I was so interested.