Fundamentals Of Catholic Dogma (Hard Cover)

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SKU: 4095  |  ISBN: 9781905574650

First published in German in 1952, Professor Ludwig Ott's Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma instantly became an indispensable reference for priests, teachers and families. Recognized as the greatest summary of Catholic dogma ever put between two covers. A one-volume encyclopedia of Catholic doctrine. Tells exactly what the Church teaches on any particular topic, when the pronouncement was made and gives the source.

Comprehensive yet concise, it provides in a single large volume clear explanations of every Catholic doctrinal teaching-along with their foundations in Scripture, Tradition, Church councils, papal pronouncements, and the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. And unlike any other compendium of doctrine before or since, it provides the "Theological Grade of Certainty" for every teaching it contains. Now this timeless masterwork is available in durable hardcover for the first time in decades.

Ott begins with an introduction to the science of theology itself, explaining its principles, methods, vocabulary, and system of classification. He also shows you how to distinguish the Catholic understanding of the "development of dogma" from the heretical version, and how to differentiate the three kinds of Catholic truth and the six grades of theological certainty.

Detailed table of contents with over 250 entries, 18-page index of Old and New Testament (the best of its kind ever compiled), Index of Persons, Index of Subjects and an extensive Bibliography. Definitely one of our most important books!!

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