The General Principles Of Ceremonies Of The Roman Rite

Romanitas Press LLC

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This book is packed with essential liturgical knowledge that any Catholic interested in better understanding the traditional Roman Liturgy (1962) would appreciate! Covering the basic rules or principles that govern the rubrics of the Roman Rite (e.g., how to genuflect and when), this booklet shows how the characteristics of romanitas effects the various intricacies of the sacred ceremonies.

This abridged edition explains the principles that specifically affect the inferior ministers (altar servers) when fulfilled by laymen. Though intended for masters of ceremonies and altar servers age 12 and up, even clerics, priests and ordinary laypeople will find this book informative.

To facilitate the explanations on the general principles, 18 pictures, 2 expository tables, and 11 diagrams have been included, while 183 footnotes provide valuable sources of authority, further explanations and various tips. Other features include a table of contents and two glossaries of terms (sanctuary-related and rubrically-related) used within the book. 

90 pp. Softcover. Illustrated.