Glastonbury: The Novel of Christian England

Donna Fletcher Crow

SKU: 8843  |  ISBN: 9781621380108

Glastonbury Abbey was the center from which radiated a Christian presence on that island for 2,000 years, a sacred site from which the Christian faith was passed down through the generations.

The story begins with the arrival of Joseph of Arimathea and his family, bearing the most sacred relic in all Christendom, the Holy Grail; and continues on to their confrontation with the Druids and the conversion of the new land to Christ. Periods covered in this book:

  • The persecutions under the Roman Empire, until that rule is ended and Patrick becomes the first Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey;
  • The adventures of King Arthur and his knights as they fend off invading barbarians;
  • The revival of Christianity under St. Augustine of Canterbury;
  • The struggle to keep alive the Faith in the midst of the Viking raids;
  • The ages of Alfred the Great and Richard the Lionheart;
  • Finally ending with the terrible upheavals under Henry VIII.

Glastonbury was dissolved but its ruins still stand as a beacon of hope and destination of pilgrims down to our own time. Here is the telling of an immense, stirring epic of Christian faith.

800 pp. Softcover. STK# 8843 $26.95