In Gods Garden

SKU: 8071  |  ISBN: 0001929291329

Is there a better way to show your children their faith than through the lives of the saints? Ideal to read to pre-schoolers and younger children. Engages youngsters in the stories of the men, women and children whose lives embody both great faith and virtue.

Each of the 14 stories (Sts. Benedict, Ursula, Catherine of Siena, Cecilia, Giles, Nicholas, George, Faith) is told with an eye to capturing a young child's interest and imagination - and showing them virtues in practice. Introduces children to places and times they should know about - all illustrated on fine coated paper by beautiful full color Italian masterpieces - Titian, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, and Giotto.

A beautiful gift for any Catholic child.

142 pp. Sewn hardcover.