The Grand Organ: St Nicholas Du Chardonnet

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The grand organ of St. Nicholas du Chardonnet has a long and fascinating history. The organ was rebuilt by Cliquot in 1787 and inaugurated by François Couperin. It was spared during the revolution and was played by the most illustrious Parisian. It has since gone through another crucial restoration giving it a new life, but keeping the heritage from Cliquot.

This recording is a reflection of the three events during the inauguration of the instrument:

  • The blessing of the organ with a presentation of the instrument made by the organ builder Michel Gaillard.
  • The celebration of a Papal Mass, which includes the full richness of the Catholic liturgy offering a beautiful melding of
    choir and the organs of the church.
  • The organ concert given by the owner, Marie-Agnes Grall Menet.

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