Tale of the Wars of Roses (Grisly Grisell)


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The Tale of the War of the Roses: Grisly Grisell

A curious title, indeed, but one of the most touching stories of courage, love and devotion ever written! The Wars of the Roses was a time of civil strife in 15th century England a time when the House of York and the House of Lancaster battled for the crown. Caught in the middle were two proud families and a boy and a girl promised in marriage from early childhood. Little Grisell, however, is involved in a tragic accident that leaves her once beautiful face disfigured. Through terrible humiliation and the horrors of war between one-time friends, Grisell emerges a shining example of true love and devotion for all the countryside. Swift battles and numerous displays of true virtue make this heartwarming tale of perseverance a book that you will read again and again.

300 pp. Hardcover.