Growth In Holiness

Fr. Faber

SKU: 8476  |  ISBN: 97808955540000

Typical of Fr. Faber's keen and probing insight into all matters bearing on true religion,Growth in Holiness is probably his greatest book. Here he digs deeply into every important aspect of the spiritual life and the development of the human soul. Covering such topics as What Holds Us Back, The Signs of Progress, The Ruling Passion, and Spiritual Idleness, he examines in detail all the problems we encounter in our efforts to attain perfection, and ultimately salvation.

Comprehensive in his treatment of the great task of spiritual development and salvation, Fr. Faber also continuously displays in this book a completely optimistic attitude about success, manifesting an optimism which arises from a thorough knowledge of the job at hand.

Growth in Holiness concerns itself with the principle issues of man's life, for upon this growth depends our eternal salvation. Referring to lukewarmness - which actually typifies man's resistance to perfection.

368pp. Color Softcover.