A Guide for Altar and Sanctuary

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A Guide for Altar and Sanctuary was compiled under the direction of Cardinal Vaughn [Formerly entitled: Directions for the Use of Altar Societies and Architects]

In a period when many Catholic churches are being restored to a traditional sense of function and beauty, the re-availability of this invaluable book could have perhaps not come at a more providential moment! This 76-page volume is packed with helpful information concerning the altar and its appointments, the sacred vessels and linens, and the vestments used in the Roman Liturgy. It also addresses the baptistery, mortuary chapel and Stations of the Cross.

The scope of this small book is strictly limited. It aims at giving, in a concise but sufficiently full form and with complete accuracy, the liturgical law "for churches that follow the Roman Rite."

It is important that architects, artificers and all who are engaged in the production of what is needed for divine worship, and members of altar societies, sacristans and others who have care of the sanctuary should understand that the Church has very definite laws concerning this work "laws that should be known and faithfully observed."

Revised and enlarged several times since its original compilation in 1881, this informative book is one of the most frequently cited, authoritative resources in the English language. This republished edition has been augmented with diagrams and an extract from the edifying foreword of the earlier 1912 edition. If you want to ensure that your sanctuary, altar and liturgical requisites are in conformity with the best traditions and mindset of the Roman Catholic Church, this book will help you obtain that goal!

This little volume is also a God-send to any Catholic that wants to learn more about the sacred liturgy and sacred spaces.

Softcover. 76 pages with illustrations.