Half-Life: The Decay of Reality

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The technological advancements of this age are undeniable. But have you ever stopped to consider how technology may be affecting different aspects of your life?

Half-Life: The Decay of Reality takes and unabashed look at the all too real consequences of day-to-day exposure to the digital world. It asks what its effects are on children, families, dating, marriage and even intelligence and thought processes, but especially peace of soul. Understanding the consequences of this digital age is key to living a better life and ultimately having a stronger faith. 

Greater and Greater Isolation:

"By a kind of paradox, this constant presence of other people makes for a fragile construction of one's own personality...The riches to be found in genuine friendships become rare in this constant solicitation from all sides." -Fr. Patrick Troadec, SSPX

*Previously titled Screenman, published by St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary Press

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Patrick Murtha
Communicating Humanity

Communication technology and simply being human--a lot can be said about that topic. Authors have penned voluminous books and sophisticated studies peppering library shelves, but few salting the mind. They're simply too lengthy, too academic, and sometimes too preachy. Fr. Boubee's book is none of the kind. It is simple but not simplistic, brief but not skimpy, thoughtful but not complicating. It is, to put it simply, briefly, and thoughtfully, a spiritual users' manual for cell phones, televisions, computers, etc., for anyone who has and wants to keep his mind in a world of technological marvels and distractions. In the first couple chapters, Fr. Boubee shows how these communicative technologies do affect how reality is perceived, and, if affecting thought, what happens to human actions, in particularly human love and morality. Perhaps the greatest value of the book is that it offers a way to reflect on how to use these tools, and how to learn to control our use. The last two chapters, which contains the examination and the resolutions and the advice for "keeping us real," are chapters that should be read regularly to recall the daily dangers of the abuse of technology. While the first chapters are well worth studying, it is the last two chapters are well worth meditating--like an examination of conscience. "Half-life" is a thoughtful and thought-provoking little book.

June E. Dahl
Our endangered souls

The first three chapters are valuable, BUT ,in my opinion, chapters four and five are really excellent and even somewhat more important . This is because these two chapters define our position in relationship to God even more directly and importantly than the first three chapters. These chapters may even save souls which is why I gave the book a five star rating ! (Otherwise, if I had been the one to "decide", chapter 4 and 5 would have been placed at the start of the book, before chapter three, which is entitled: "Do We Really Love Anymore?" which was so very depressing that I almost put this document on the shelf. This is not much of an appraisal, but , the topic is extremely relevant , especially, for those who are expectant parents; and, I hope , that I am not presumptuous in stating that: It is never too late for us who are past the moments of choice and decision-making, either, to repent of our lost opportunities, and seek out God; there is always HOPE ,repentance and forgiveness , to keep in mind . . . This said, technology, when it does not control and master us, exists, and we have to learn to live with it ; and keep IT IN ITS PLACE in our lives! THIS is the main goal, I think, of this writing. We cannot ignore the technology nor its TEMPTATIONS, the NEGATIVE consequences of which, are GREAT dangers to our souls! This fact, the book: "Half - Life" adequately points out ! We certainly need more such books and more moral theology in our times !