Iota Unum

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A Study of the Changes in the Catholic Church in the 20th Century.
by Professor Romano Amerio.

Romano Amerio, Italian by nationality, was a man of broad and classical erudition, who taught philosophy, Greek and Latin at the Academy of Lugano, Switzerland from 1928 to 1970. He was an episcopal consultant to the Central Preparatory Commission of Vatican II and was a peritus for the Bishop of Lugano during the Council. A true insider to the Council's activities. He was a friend of the late Cardinal Siri of Genoa and died in 1997.

Archbishop Lefebvre had this to say of Iota Unum: "A book has just appeared, Iota Unum, written by Professor Romano Amerio, who lives in the north of Italy. In my opinion, it is the most perfect book that has been written since the Council on the Council, its consequences, and everything that has been happening in the Church since. He examines every subject with a truly remarkable perfection. I was stupefied to see with what serenity he discusses everything, without the passion of polemics, but with untouchable arguments. I do not see how the current attitudes of Rome can still persist after the appearance of such a book. They are radically, definitively condemned, and with such precision, for he only uses their own texts, citations from Osservatore Romano. The whole is absolutely magnificent.
"One could base an entire course on this book, on the pre-Council, the Council, and post-Council. I assure you that not much is left standing. The Popes take a licking; he is not at all soft on the Popes, but he recounts their deeds, their words, everything. They stand condemned. In his epilogue he shows how the consequence is the dissolution of the Catholic religion. Nothing is left. But he says that since the Church is not going to perish ... there must be a remnant; after all, the good God said that the Church will not perish, therefore there must be a witness or the witness of a remnant that will keep the faith and tradition."

"You must read. You must nourish your souls. You must enlighten your spirit. You must enkindle your hearts, your charity. You must inform yourselves! There is a .. book, a very thick book, which was published relatively recently [in English]. It would not be for everybody - Iota Unum. It is not an easy book, but it is a very informative book. Excellent! Archbishop Lefebvre wished ... that it would be the book every seminarian had in his hands" - Fr. Franz Schmidberger

334 topic-sections in forty-two chapters covering, among many other things:

The Crisis, The Crises of the Church, The Council: Before, During and After, Paul VI, The Priesthood, Youth, Women, Somatolatry, Penance, Religious and Social Movements, Schools, Catechetics, Religious Orders, Pyrrhonism, Dialogue, Mobilism, Faith, Hope and Charity, Natural Law, Divorce, Sodomy, Abortion, Suicide, Death Penalty, War, Situation Ethics, Globality and Graduality, The Autonomy of Values, Work, Technology and Contemplation, Civilization and Secondary Christianity, Democracy in the Church, Theology and Philosophy, Ecumenism, Baptism, Eucharist, Liturgical Reform, Matrimony, Theodicy, Eschatology, and MUCH MUCH more!

816pp, softcover, multiple indices.

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Michael S
Profound Guide to 20th Century Changes

This was one of the most profound books I've ever read. I'm fairly new to Traditional Catholicism, and the book served both to provide me a more solid foundation in traditional Church teaching as well as the changes that have occurred in the 20th century. And note that the book covers the changes from the entire 20th century, not only those that occurred during and after Vatican Council 2. While reading the book, I was filled with awe of the learning of Ameriio and was amazed that one man could hold all this knowledge in his head. I read somewhere else that he spent 50 years writing the book and that seems about right. It's a treasure. May God reward him for his service to the Church.


I read this book from cover to cover. in 2003. I could not put it down. I had just recently returned to the practice of my Faith and was voraciously reading everything trying to “catch up.” This book explained many questions with answers I felt rang true in my heart. I enthusiastically recommend it.