Last Rites

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This booklet serves as both a ritual and step-by-step instructional for the administration and reception of the sacrament of Extreme Unction or Last Rites. It is an essential book for all those wishing to be well prepared for death or to better understand the solemn nature of this beautiful sacrament.

This essential booklet gives detailed explanations of the following:
  • What to do in Danger of Death
  • Sick Calls: How to prepare for Priest and What to Do When He Arrives
  • Extreme Unction – Confession and Communion of the Sick - Viaticum
  • Apostolic Blessing, Prayers for the Dying
  • Visitation and Care of the Sick: Imposition of Hands
  • Praying for the Dying Person especially when the Last Agony begins, at the Moment of Death, and after the Soul Has Departed
Prepare yourself, loved ones and family members to witness, assist, and receive the Last Rites. Having this book before it’s needed is the easiest way to make sure not only that our family and home is ready but also that the souls of our loved ones are well prepared for eternity.

Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery! Excellent Catholic resource for understanding the Last Rites and being prepared as a Lay Minister to administer or prepare for or assist the Priest.

A Priest
Good information to have.

This is an EXCELLENT resource; I will warn you that not all priests follow this whole litany, but this is an excellent resource with good prayers and the correct theology. Also, there are prayers in there similar to the Three Beautiful Prayers along with Psalms like Psalm 50(51). I am buying a second one to have in my vehicle.