Archbishop Lefebvre: A Documentary DVD

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Learn the true story of one of the 20th Century's greatest heroes of the Faith!

Loyal son of a devout French Catholic family. Roman seminarian. Parish priest. African missionary. Missionary bishop. Apostolic delegate. Superior General. Member of the Preparatory Commission for the Second Vatican Council. Council Father. Rebel?

Few churchmen led as influential lives in the 20th century as Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. This intelligent, faithful, devout bishop with the heart of a missionary is the subject of this feature film length documentary. Shot on location throughout the world, the documentary contains exclusive interviews with those who knew him: friends, family, missionary faithful, seminarians, priests, bishops, as well as authors and historians.

Any Catholic interested in the story of the Church in the 20th Century, or in the life of the Church today will want to watch and own this full length documentary on one of the Church's most fascinating lives.

DVD 1 hour 43 minutes

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Archbishop Lefebvre: A Documentary from Society of St Pius X on Vimeo.

Customer Reviews

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Penelope Abbott
Just beautiful

This film is a chef d'oeuvre, a hymn to God. I felt I was with Monseigneur Lefebvre all along his sacerdocal journey.I felt his joy, his devotion, his trust and then his doubts about Vatican II, his confusion, his utter sadness. I was praying all night while he was praying. Then I cried the tears I am sure he shed.

Huy Nguyen
Does this video has English subtitle?

Does this video has English subtitle?

Dominic F.
The documentary was way above what I was expecting!

Indeed it was very moving and excellently made. A must see movie in an age where most television is spiritual garbage. The best part was hearing the voice of Archbishop Lefebvre.

Wonderful, inspiring, informative, tragic but full of hope,

with beautiful documentary footage, firsthand commentary from those most intimately acquainted with the Archbishop (family, friends, fellow priests--both SSPX and non-SSPX, religious et al.), and much more! This film is also deeply spiritual--like the man whose life it documents. I speak as one who is not a follower of the SSPX but merely as a recent Catholic revert (former Evangelical) who is deeply in love Christ and His Church: watching this film brought me closer God.

Joseph Provost
This documentary is absolutely incredible!

I was expecting a PBS style documentary, but instead I received a high quality life and times of the beloved Archbishop. Most exceptional, however, were the live recordings of conferences and sermons he gave, especially poignant and touching for those who were never able to meet him. A MUST for every Catholic home, school, and parish library!