Liber Brevior

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This book is essentially the exact same as the Liber Usualis (used by priests, monks, sisters and seminarians) except that it had been shortened from around two thousand pages to eight hundred. You could say it is the layman's Liber. The Liber Brevior is perfect for all small choirs that are forming today.

766 pages, Hardcover.

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a happy singer
Great little book!

This is a great little book for singing the propers at our Sunday Extraordinary Form Mass. It has the Introit, Offertory, and Communion propers, plus two options for the Gradual/Alleluia (the simplified option has the full Alleluia, but simplified music for the verse - set to a Psalm tone setting). This book is perfect for our schola!

Plus is has quite a few other propers for some Feast Days, Holy Week, Requiem, etc. included as well as the Sundays.

Be forewarned that the print is small, so the quilisima's are difficult to see, (except the context gives away their presence). If you already have familiarity with the chant, it will be no problem. If this is new, perhaps you may occasionally need to consult Corpus Christi Watershed or some other on-line source for a PDF with larger print to confirm the accuracy of what you are singing.

Jose Emmanuel S. Maningas
Truly a Layman's Liber

Excellent quality! However, if you're buying this, note that it's only full of propers and does not have the text for the collect, epistle, etc. Also, this is pre-1961, so expect the calendar of the feasts to be pre-1961. But, overall quality is outstanding! Congratulations!