Liber Usualis

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(Missae et Officii: Pro Dominicis et Festis cum Cantu Gregoriano) 

1962 edition
The Liber Usualis (pronounced Lee-behr Oos-oo-ah-lees and Latin for The Book of Common Use) is usually associated with the Gregorian chant propers sung at Mass, but its usefulness doesn't end there!

The Liber (as it is commonly called) is first and foremost a practical combination of the various official liturgical-musical books of the Roman Rite (e.g., Kyriale, Graduale Romanum, Cantorinus, Officium Hebdomodae Sanctae Instauratus) used for both chanting the various parts of the Divine Office and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

It also contains a wealth of ancient Latin hymns, ad libitum Kyriale modes, litanies and even the Ordo Missae (the Ordinary, Prefaces and Canon of the Mass) allowing it to be used in place of a daily missal during Mass.

The Liber further explains the names of the various components of Gregorian chant, the method for properly rendering it according to the "Solesmes method" (ordered by the Holy See to be followed by all who use the Roman Rite), how to chant the Lessons, Epistles and Gospels, a universal 1962 Roman calendar, a section on general rubrics for applying the calendar and classification system (according to the 1960 reform) in addition featuring important particular rubrical notes as necessary (e.g., for the ceremonies of Ash Wednesday), a general index as well as alphabetical indexes for the various parts of the propers, antiphons, psalms (even a numerical index for these), canticles, and hymns, and much more!

Printed in Latin (only) in black text throughout, all of the Gregorian chant notation contains the important rhythmic signs developed by the Benedictines of Solesmes during their lengthy chant reform (ordered and sanctioned by the popes) in the early 20th century.

This hefty, 5 x 7 x 3 inch thick book is sewn hardbound in handsome black cloth with gold-embossing on the spine, has red page edgings, and 7 multi-colored ribbons.

Our offered edition is a reprint of the Desclee's (printer to the Solesmes monastery) 1961 printing, making this Liber the official version for the traditional editions (1962) of the Roman Breviary, Missal and reformed Holy Week ceremonies.

2010 pages, black cloth hardbound with gold-embossing on spine, sewn, red page edging, 7 ribbons.

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