Life Of Christ

Fr. Robert E. Southard

SKU: 8224  |  ISBN: 9781892331533

Originally published by the Catechetical Guild in 1955 (Imprimatur Francis Cardinal Spellman), this is the "comic" book companion to Know Your Mass. Both illustrated by Addison Burbank in full color.

The book presents the life of Our Lord from the Annunciation to His Ascension in a manner easily understood by children. Adults will find the seamless integration of the Gospels informative as well.

An ideal companion to Know Your Mass, which presents the unbloody Sacrifice of the, children learn to know and love He Who is the Sacrifice. Even students who excel in religion class often do not KNOW Our Lord...they don't yet understand Scripture, the Gospels do not read like the stories they are used to. The Life of Christ introduces them to their Savior in a way they can understand and love.

Great for religion classes and makes an excellent gift for the Feast of St. Nicholas, Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, First Holy Communion, name days, birthdays, etc. Highly recommended.

96pp, softcover, 393 full color illustrations