Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Angelus Press

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The best prayer is the prayer of the Church. Here it is—simpler than the Breviary, but essentially the same. Pray the inspired psalms of the Holy Ghost. Around since the 8th century. Hated by heretics, loved by friends of Our Lady. Recited by Saints John Damascene, Catherine of Siena, Vincent Ferrer, Louis of France, Bridget of Sweden, and many more.

The text of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Office of the Dead is that of the 1915 Benziger Brothers edition with updated punctuation and slight rewording of some familiar passages in English. The content of the Offices was revised in conformity with the norms of the typical edition of the Roman Breviary published in 1961.

Completely re-typeset with the Latin and English text on facing pages. Angelus Press offers this beautiful edition to the faithful as an eminently readable and truly affordable format.

264 pp. 4" x 6". Printed in red and black text. Gold foil stamped, black,flexible softcover with rounded corners.

Customer Reviews

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Gloria Winter

I really enjoy it. I’d like to set with a cup of coffee in the morning and read the little office is beautiful. Thank you so much.

J Cleveland

This book is well done & high value. The layout & presentation are perfect from what I can tell. I picked this version based on YouTube reviews & comparisons. As a beginner it is laid out logically once you get used to it. It kind of clicks & makes sense after only a few minutes. I can't comment on the translation as I do not speak or read Latin. The English is very readable & dignified (I am dyslexic so this is important to me).

Regarding the criticism of no ribbons: I tabbed mine w/ cut down Post-it-Notes & use a single book marker holding my place as needed.

Note: For the the price this is a nice little book. On my copy the binding is failing. A few pages are loose I am not sure how it can be made more durable & keep the cost low. Maybe have the binding stitched (IDK if this is possible w/ this size book)? Kind of not an issue given the price. Just Keep it in print please!

Thank you.

Jacob Budd
Response to criticism

I see 2 main criticisms of this edition and I'd like to put in my 2 cents.
1) Regarding the placement of the versicles, they are lumped with the lesson & collect of the season in a confusing way. This would only be a problem for people new to the office, and you can easily learn what one to pray. A legitimate criticism but easily solved with a bit of understanding.
2) No ribbons. Why do you need ribbons? This is a little office. All the prayers are put together for you. No need to worry about fishing propers or commons. Maybe it would be nice for matins since there's a 3 day cycle, but it's never caused an issue for me. The psalter itself is a 1 day cycle. No need for a ribbon. Silly criticism.

Some other things I saw regarding the translation and durability. Everyone's got a favorite translation so you might like it or not. This edition is on the fragile side so treat it with care.

High quality little office + office of the dead for $20: an incredible deal considering how expensive liturgical books are.

Brian B.
Affordable Little Office and Office of the Dead

This book is a great companion for those who are devoted to the Divine Office. I pray the Little Office every May and the Office of the Dead during November or if a relative dies. I got mine from a local SSPX store here in the Philippines. I just got disappointed because it has has no ribbon to keep track and it is a softcover which can be easily damaged and my copy is now creased.

Excellent for a First Timer

This is my first time to pray the little office devoutly. I bought a version from the 80's which had odd translations and was completely different. This one from Angelus Press was very easy to follow right from the get go. It's a perfect size and the paper and printing are all of exceptional quality. The translations do the text justice and having the latin right there is also excellent for eventually transitioning to an all latin office. The english translations of the hymns are the best I've seen. They are literal, and also rhyme. All up, I'm 100% satisfied. Also posted to Australia in under a week.