Little Therese


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The Life of Saint Therese of Lisieux for Children

"The finest written for children," says the head of Our Lady of Victory School.

The life of St. Therese written for children, as told to the author by the Little Flower's own sisters.

"She was very happy and full of fun, but she never forgot that we cannot always be happy in the world but must wait for the perfect happiness of Heaven. Sometimes, too, she cried as you do, but she bore her little troubles bravely to atone for her childish faults and for the sins of others. God gave her very special gifts; a remarkably quick intelligence, deep power of affection, and great personal charm. But all these gifts are nothing in comparison with her deep love of God, and you can all imitate her in this."

Extremely picturesque with nearly 100 line illustrations and pictures. Simple, real dialogue between Therese and the people in her life. Charming, not insipid.

For late elementary reading and great for storytelling by parents.

195pp. gold-embossed hardback. Illustrated.