Lord of the World

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Lord of the World is a riveting apocalyptic novel that foretold the future with frightening accuracy. Written in 1907 by Fr. Robert Hugh Benson, this prophetic book contains a dystopian vision that is perilously close to being realized fully today.

Though released over a century ago, the issues and themes Lord of the World explores are startlingly contemporary. Through his masterful writing, Benson transports readers to a disturbing political environment where religion is abolished, euthanasia is encouraged, and an all-powerful secular government rules with an iron fist. It is a world where humanity has lost its moral compass and individual freedoms are severely restricted.

Lord of the World is astonishing in the accuracy of its predictions, from the erosion of spirituality to the rise of anti-Catholic regimes. The pace of social and moral decline examined in Benson’s work has only accelerated in the decades since it was first published, making this landmark of Catholic literature as relevant today as it was upon publication.

This annotated edition provides readers with concise chapter-by-chapter summaries that include helpful elucidations of the text. By contextualizing Benson’s masterpiece, this edition serves to deepen the reader’s appreciation of the author’s immediate concerns at the dawn of the 20th century while grasping its continuing relevance to the beleaguered early decades of the 21st.  

“The soft communism which now dominates the majority of the world is . . . akin to that which Benson describes. At its foundation are the same principles which were expressed more brutally in the Soviet Union—utter rejection of divine authority and the establishment of the state as the only arbiter of truth and reality.”—Dr. Anthony Radice, Editor


Hardback, 409 pp.