Marcel Van

Catherine St-Pierre

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Marcel Van: The Triumph of Love by Catherine St-Pierre

St. Theresa of the Little Flower revealed herself to Marcel Van and guided him in her Little Way of Love. His simple and solid faith was highlighted with submission to God's Providence during persecution and suffering. This book convinces its readers that the fire of God's Charity burned in the life of this humble and courageous lay Redemptorist Brother.

Amidst suffering, first in Hanoi, Vietnam, and consummated with his martyr's death at the age of 31 in a Communist concentration camp (July 10, 1959), Marcel Van's message of love still echoed: "Love cannot die, it goes on loving without any limitations of time. Oh, if I could only die of love! I have already made an act of total offering, and that act has been accepted...."

Forty-three years after the Communist victory in the Republic of Vietnam, Marcel Van is still a voice to raise our heart and mind to our suffering and faithful Savior. Includes the messages given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to Marcel Van in 1946 regarding what She called "the Apostles of My reign." Though of a different and curious culture, the traditional Catholic faith of this lay brother transforms and overcomes differences in nationality.

192pp. Sewn softcover, 20 photographs.