Mary Was Her Life


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The story of "Teresita" Quevedo (1930-50), the Catholic beauty who wanted to become a saint

The life of the party, a dancer, an expert tennis and basketball player, popular, Maria Theresa Quevedo wanted more - eternal glory. She entered Carmel before finishing high school and her cause for canonization is under examination. "For him alone I lived," she said, and Mary was her secret.

A female St. Dominic Savio. A Spanish bishop is quoted in the book:

"The book which you have in your hands is not one to leaf through and set aside for someone else to read. That God has placed it in your hands should be sufficient to assure you that there is something in it written for you. If you are a man, prepare to enter into a beautiful and chaste feminine world. If you are a father, the intimacy of the authentic Catholic family sketched on these pages will delight you. If you are a woman, there are a million things in this book for you. If you are a young girl, walking the same path as that of Teresita, it will fascinate you! Whoever you are, read to the end and you will learn how a holy and happy young girl finds God."

249pp. Hardback

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