Memories of Pius X

Angelus Press

SKU: 8871  |  ISBN: 9781685290559

“His look, his word, his whole being  express three things: goodness, firmness, faith. Goodness was the man himself; firmness was the leader; faith was the Christian,  the priest, the pontiff, the man of God.” —Chapter VII, “Characteristics of Pius X”

Memories of St. Pius X is a charming eye-witness account of a great Pope in action. It provides a fascinating behind-thescenes look at the Vatican and a portrait of papal authority when exercised by a saint.

St. Pius X was a paragon of principle in an age of compromise. He championed sacred tradition against modernist encroachment and vigorously confronted emerging threats to the Faith. However, he did so with humility, gentleness, and care for souls. His legacy is one of supernatural courage blended with charity—firmness anchored in goodness. This remarkable Pope truly lived the words of his motto, “To restore all things in Christ.” His heroic example still inspires today.

“Give me souls and take everything else.” —Cardinal Merry del Val