Most Asked Questions 3rd Edition

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The Most Asked Questions: 

A Brief Summary of the Positions of the Society of Saint Pius X 

For those seeking clarity amidst the morass of modern ecclesiastical discourse and answers regarding the Society of Saint Pius X’s (SSPX) apostolate, this volume is an excellent starting place.

Masterfully crafted, this third edition improves upon the humble paperback original with expanded explanations. Each page surveys some of the most essential teachings of the Church concerning the Mass and lays out the principles that guide the SSPX through today’s crisis. 

Moreover, this work demonstrates the Society's unwavering commitment to preserving the traditions of the Catholic Faith while providing a succinct summary of the SSPX’s history. This book is sure to be consulted time and again by those concerned with restoring Catholic Tradition.

Please Note:

This is an updated edition of the already published paperback “Most Asked Questions.”



Clothbound, Gilded hardback 

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Stafford
Must read material

If one truly wants to know where the Church exists, one needs to read this book. Well laid out, to the point, east and fast to read. You won't want to put it down because it reads rapidly without fluff. Hope every SSPX bookstore places it in their inventory.

John Orban
Good review of SSPX

Almost finished. I would have preferred a paperback. I have to have my books lay flat. The hardcover is falling apart from my constant bending. But it doesn’t reduce the value of the content. Reading is part of my morning mass/prayer/reading ritual.

Donald & Nancy—Solon, IA
A Must-have for Catholic Libraries

Every Church Library as well as our own personal libraries at home need this expanded, beautifully designed edition. The hardcover is a stunning red and Angelus Press put its best professional craftsmanship into it!

I will keep the original 2007, 2011 paperback edition to share with my friends at the SSPX Chapel we are currently working on, but definitely recommend purchase of this revised edition!


Excellent service and thank you for making postage more affordable.