Mother Love

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"What on God's good earth is more glorious than this; to be a mother?"

With these words, Cardinal Mindzenty, summed up the glories of maternity, ordered toward the creation of new saints for the kingdom of God. And yet, the life of the mother is not an easy one. Between helping her husband, caring for her children, trips to school, the doctor, the grocery store, not to mention housework, cooking, and more, the life of a mother can lose it's proper focus: the glory of God. Add to this an increasingly hostile modern world who thinks little of mothers and offers little help and support and the situation is overwhelming.

To help Catholic mothers sanctify themselves in their state in life, and through that, to sanctify their homes as well, we have printed the original, unadulterated version of Mother Love, a complete prayer and devotional book, just for moms!

Originally written in the late 1800s by a priest of the Capuchin order, this "manual for Christian mothers" contains:

  • Morning and Evening Prayers for Mothers
  • Devotions for the Holy Rosary
  • Points of Doctrine a Christian Mother Should Teach to Her Children
  • Prayers at Mass
  • The "Ten Commandments" of Christian Education
  • Devotions for Confession, and Communion
  • Devotions for the Poor Souls, and for the Way of the Cross
  • Prayers for the Various Special Necessities of a Christian Mother
  • Prayers to Some of the Special Patrons of Christian Mothers
  • Indulgenced Prayers
  • A short book of instructions for Christian Mothers on the Christian Training of Children

Purchase this book for yourself, or for the Catholic mothers you know. It contains almost everything a mother needs to nurture and grow her spiritual life, so that through their sanctification they may sanctify their husbands and children, and truly become the heart of the Catholic home.

Soft Imitation-Leather Cover, 362 pp.

Customer Reviews

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Raquel Livolsi
Beautiful Book

This book has so many lovely prayers for mothers as well as advice for raising children in the faith. The contents will help us grow in holiness! This book is beautifully made.

Elyse B.
Required reading for Catholic mothers

I asked my husband for this book for Christmas, and I am so glad that I did. It is absolutely wonderful. It includes every prayer a mother could possibly think of needing throughout the day and even for non-daily occurrences (deaths, births, etc.). The prayers are listed with indulgence instructions, if needed. It also has very helpful general instruction for Catholic mothers in how to be better mothers and wives. I only wish that there was a Confraternity (information included in a section of the book) near me.

Jime Leonard
Absolutely precious!

My mom found this book at a thrift store. She showed it to me and we we were both astonished by its contents! She immediately gifted me one. Every mother should have it and I would even purchase it for my little daughters for when they grow up.
Be careful: many editions only contain the prayers and not the manual which would make the book quite complete to me.
It’s a veritable treasure and I’m so thankful to God it’s still being printed. Get it, you won’t regret it!

Every mother needs a copy!

I bought this book with some Christmas money that I received and I am so grateful to have it. The book itself is lovely with the black leather cover and a red ribbon bookmark. The pictures inside are beautiful, and the prayers are amazing. Buy yourself one! And gift one to every mother that you know, if you can. It would make a beautiful gift for a newly married woman, an expecting mother, or a veteran mom alike.

Lovely book, but can be very difficult for a struggling Mom

My husband gave me this as a Mother's Day gift. While I appreciated the thought behind it, it was more or less a duplicate of books I already owned in regards to the prayers, plus it contained very outdated instructions as to Christian education. For those of us homeschooling, it's not as simple as outlined, and our lives are far more complicated in that regard. It's not very relevant to the homeschooling mother who must shoulder the entire burden on her own shoulders alone.

As I already have mutliple prayer books, and the instructions are of little use, I won't be using this book much, if at all.