My Catholic Faith

Angelus Press

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The classic 1954 edition of this fabulous catechism is available again.

Covers the three essential Aspects of the Faith

193 chapters in three sections: What to Believe, What to Do, and Means of Grace.

Strengthen Your Knowledge of the True Faith

Abundant Scriptural quotations (excellent for proving Catholic Doctrine to "Bible-Believing" Protestants). It's also an excellent tool for dealing with liberal Catholics because two subjects of utmost importance are thoroughly treated: the true nature of the Catholic Church (today denied by false ecumenism) and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (today obscured by the New Mass).

Contains Illustrations, Definitions, explanations, and much more

This catechism is known and loved by Catholics because of its timeless texts, charts, lists and graphs. Profusely and beautifully illustrated!

Catechism in Pictures

While the durable burgundy and gold-embossed hardcover makes it a family heirloom. 415 pp.

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Customer Reviews

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Bob Gordon
Greatest Family Manual on the Planet

Thank the Good Lord and the Angelus Press for reprinting the Greatest Manual for Saving one’s Soul and Raising A Family.
This Book is in the Top 3-Books every Catholic Family should own. It has guided my Marriage, Raising 5-Children and instructed us on how to act towards our Creator and each other.
My Wife and I were first introduced to this treasure 43-Years ago 1983 by an Older retired gentleman that came to our home and taught a group of us about our Catholicism.
I’ll be buying several copies before they run out. God Bless “ The Angelus “
Bob Gordon, Oregon USA.

Cyndia Rios-Myers
Just Wonderful

This wonderful book has truly educated me in mattes of our faith.

Fr. Alfonsus D. Panaligan, OFMConv.

As student I used this book when I was highschool. It was the prescribed textbook in our religion class from second to fourth year. It has solid doctrinal content. It is good to be used side by side with the Catechism of the Catholic Church in order to see the essential continuity of Catholic Faith. Of course there are few things quite different in expressions between the CCC and the My Catholic Faith. This book has given me a solid foundation of Catholic Doctrine that I cherish even up to now, as a priest. I'm looking forward to have this precious book again on my study table.

Andrew Cardinal
Simply Outstanding!

This is an excellent orthodox catechism on the Catholic faith. Every home, every family, every individual should have a copy of this book if they want to know what the Church has taught throughout the ages.

Heri Escueta
A Great Catechism Book that Catholics must have in their possession!

This essential and concise book will answer all of your questions regarding the Faith of Our Fathers; the Roman Catholic Faith!